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June 2024

We now have a YouTube Channel : Rock the Vote NZ - YouTube

April 2024


Aotearoa Party merges with Rock The Vote NZ Party and John Alcock elected as Party Leader


Rock The Vote NZ are pleased to announce that the Aotearoa Party, formerly led by John Alcock, has officially merged with Rock The Vote NZ Party, and John has been unanimously elected as the Party Leader.


Rock The Vote NZ, known for its advocacy for minor party unity and its role within the Freedoms NZ Coalition during the 2023 General Election, celebrates this merger as a strategic enhancement of its operational strength and outreach.


Chairperson of Rock The Vote NZ, Michael Avenell says “This merger has brought together two groups with shared values and goals, which makes for a very motivated team with a spread of skills and dynamics.”


Michael also says “Anyone who knows John, knows that he is absolute gold and is an incredible asset to our Party. We feel very excited about moving forward together.”


Rock The Vote NZ formed in 2022 when it stood four candidates in Auckland in the 2022 Local Body Elections, then went on to form a national political party, standing four electoral candidates in the 2023 NZ General Election, with John Alcock standing for Rock The Vote NZ in Pakuranga.


John Alcock is a member of the political community with diverse experience, from his tenure on the ACT Party Board to his independent candidacy for Mayor of Auckland in 2022.


John says “it made sense to our team to join forces with Rock The Vote NZ, to bring together two independent voices in New Zealand’s political landscape and amplify their impact on national and local governance.”


Looking ahead, John will spearhead Rock The Vote NZ’s National Politics Sub-Committee and continue his active involvement with its Local Body Sub-Committee, whose ongoing engagement with Auckland Council and various local Boards underscores its commitment to influencing pivotal regional issues.


Rock The Vote NZ is gearing up to expand its representation in the 2025 Local Body Elections, reflecting its bolstered capabilities and renewed focus on effecting meaningful political change.

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