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1.     Sovereignty and Independence

We firmly uphold the principle of national sovereignty. Our nation has faced challenges stemming from the influence of global organizations whose agendas may not align with the best interests of New Zealand and its people. To restore New Zealand's greatness, we commit to minimizing external control, including that of international bodies like the United Nations, World Economic Forum, and World Health Organization, allowing New Zealanders to shape their destiny.

2.     Individual Rights and Transparency

Our political ideology centres on the empowerment of the individual. Government exists to serve the people and must always be transparent and accountable to its citizens. We pledge to protect and uphold freedom of thought and expression as fundamental to our democracy. Our commitment includes enshrining the NZ Bill of Rights to safeguard the sacred rights of individuals and prevent overreach, as seen during the challenges posed by events like forced vaccinations and restrictions on personal freedoms.

3.     Reconnection to New Zealand Values

A fundamental reconnection with New Zealand's core values is imperative. We endorse values that strengthen our communities, such as supporting strong families. We are determined to reignite Kiwi initiative and innovation.

Our agenda includes rectifying policies that we deem unlawful, including those related to Co-Governance, He Puapua, Three Waters, the Therapeutic Products Bill, and race-based legislation. Moreover, we will establish a People's Commission to address the real challenges posed by the COVID crisis, focusing on healing divisions and promoting truth and reconciliation.

4.     Government by and for the People

We are committed to fostering a more inclusive political system, one that encourages greater participation by all those affected by governmental decisions.

Our gradual reforms will seek innovative solutions that restore trust in the political process and inspire active engagement by all New Zealanders.

In recent years, our parliamentary system has lost touch with its primary purpose and has been influenced by external powers. Our party will champion a comprehensive overhaul of the political system to realign it with the interests of the people it serves.

We advocate for greater reliance on local government where it is practical, and we support a reduction in the size of government, including fewer MPs, lower salaries, and retirement packages for politicians.

We also endorse term limits to reduce the prevalence of career politicians, ensuring that elected officials remain accountable and responsive to the needs of New Zealanders.

We recognize that certain groups within New Zealand have been marginalized, and we pledge to engage with representatives of health professionals, farmers, small shopkeepers, and businesspeople to find solutions based on their recommendations.

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