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  • We will empower the people of New Zealand through reducing government over-reach. 

  • We will work to restore our nation’s sovereignty. 

  • We will safeguard the New Zealand Bill of Rights and break free from control of international organizations such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, and World Economic Forum who are waging an illegal power-grab against the peoples of the world.


  • State control is out of control. 

  • The “nanny state”, once well-proportioned, has expanded, infringing on many of our freedoms through excessive and oppressive regulations. 

  • While continuing to look after those who are genuinely unable to work, we will re-empower New Zealanders and re-inspire Kiwi initiative and innovation. 

  • We have more MPs than we need. We will reduce their number and lower their salaries and retirement packages. 


  • We support a devolution of power in many areas – local rather than national decision-making, wherever this is possible and practical. 


  • We oppose race-based politics. The concepts of Co-governance, including Three Waters and He Pua Pua, are not aligned with our values and are not supported by the majority of New Zealanders. 

  • Our priority is to do what benefits all Kiwis, ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities. 

  • Our country has always been called New Zealand, not Aotearoa. We will keep New Zealand as the name of our beautiful country.


  • Preserving freedom of expression is crucial for upholding a functional democracy. 

  • Government cannot infringe upon or manipulate our right to speak out. 


  • We welcome all people to this country, but we are also aware that, with a housing shortage and other problems, this is not the time for a major immigration influx. 

  • We must put our own country right after years of bad governance. 


  • We will put an end to the use of government-funded spin-doctors, modellers, and mainstream media that seek to control the narrative. 

  • An open market-place without censorship would ensure that the best independent media organizations are given a voice in New Zealand mainstream media.

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