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About Us
A Grassroots Political Party in New Zealand

In the run-up to the 2023 General Elections in New Zealand, a new grassroots political party emerged on the scene. Rock The Vote NZ, a component party of the Freedoms NZ umbrella party, aims to serve as the voice of the people, standing for a set of principles that emphasize freedom, Kiwi sovereignty, traditional values, and transparent democracy.

Freedom and Democracy:

At the heart of Rock The Vote NZ lies a profound commitment to the principles of democracy and transparency. Our party contends that government should be a servant of the people, not the other way around. In an effort to ensure political accountability extends beyond the traditional election cycle, Rock The Vote NZ advocates for regular referenda on key issues that impact citizens' lives. This approach is seen as a means to empower New Zealanders and give them a more direct say in shaping their country's future.

Individual Liberties:

Our party strongly upholds the importance of individual freedom, asserting that every person has the right to express themselves freely, practice their religion without interference, and live their lives without undue government intrusion. Safeguarding civil liberties and protecting human rights are paramount to Rock The Vote NZ, and the party pledges to combat any threats to these freedoms, whether they originate within the country or beyond its borders.

Decentralization of Power:

Rock The Vote NZ believes in decentralizing power away from central government, aiming to give local communities a more significant role in decision-making processes that impact their daily lives. This approach reflects their commitment to a more responsive and community-driven governance model.

Traditional Values:

Traditional values are another cornerstone of Rock The Vote NZ's platform. Our party places importance on strong families, resilient communities, and a robust work ethic. Upholding the sanctity of life, nurturing healthy relationships, and valuing hard work and personal responsibility are central to their ideology.

Preserving Kiwi Sovereignty:

In a rapidly changing world, Rock The Vote NZ is resolute in our determination to preserve New Zealand's sovereignty. The party asserts that New Zealanders should have the autonomy to shape their own destiny and not be subjected to external interests or organizations. Our commitment extends to safeguarding national borders, defending the country's security, and preserving the unique Kiwi way of life.

Rock The Vote NZ presents a political force that is dedicated to empowering citizens, upholding democratic values, and protecting the nation's freedom and sovereignty. Our vision for New Zealand revolves around a transparent and accountable government that places the interests of the people at its core.

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