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Women Voting




Voting, as we know it today, is not sufficient on its own to ensure that all people feel they are participating fully in how their country is being governed, but it is nevertheless an important part of the way democracy is practiced today. It is the main opportunity for ordinary people to express their views and contribute to the direction their country will be going. When an election comes round, this is an important moment in the life of our evolving country.


People need to THINK about what they want, and the first step is to become informed about the issues and the candidates. You must research the policies and platforms of the political parties and the candidates running for office, reading and following a range of news sources. It is also important to remember that politicians tend to say anything that will bring them votes, and the people must be constantly on guard to keep their politicians honest and ensure that their candidates’ words match their deeds. Do all you can to be informed by evidence and facts rather than personal biases or emotions, critically evaluating the claims made by parties and candidates and fact-checking everything from many different views.


Although many people, disillusioned by recent political events, have come to feel that their vote does not matter, this is a time when a major awakening is going on in New Zealand and in the world, and this election could mark the start of a major positive change in the direction of our country. Believe in your country’s future! Believe that you can indeed make a difference!


Explaining the "wasted vote"?



It’s simple…

  1. Think of THREE people who share your values but might not vote

  2. Get them voting for Freedoms NZ and our family & freedom values

  3. Keep asking them if they’ve voted

Here are some additional ways you can help:

Engage in Conversations: Talk to your friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbours about our party's values and what we stand for. Share your passion and enthusiasm for our cause, and encourage them to join us with their party vote for Freedoms NZ. Research proves that most people vote based on the advice of a trusted family member or friend.

Spread the Message: Utilize your social media platforms and personal networks to share our party's message and content. Sharing informative posts, graphics, and videos can have a significant impact in reaching a wider audience. A lot of voters do not decide until the last few days who they will vote for.

Every election there are about 20% of registered voters who do not vote.

Walking down the street every fifth person eligible to vote doesn’t. So, you are sure not alone in your thinking. But! You are VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE.

As a non-voter you are potentially THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE in NZ history this election. You could totally SHOCK THE STATUS QUO of this nation to turn around a multitude of terrible directions this country is on.

YOU have with your vote the power to put better ideals and directions for our country to the attention of everybody, which every other party refuses to raise in Parliament.

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