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Major Announcement

Rock the Vote was launched during the last third of 2022, when we stood four candidates (Grant Mountjoy, Pete Marshall, Shayne La Rosa and Mike Burton) for seats in the Auckland Local Body elections. Since then, we have remained a watchdog, monitoring progress of local body business, and now we have formed a political party to contest the New Zealand General Election on 14 October 2023.

Our website outlines a powerful programme to put forward to the NZ public. Our key policies include Empowerment, NZ Sovereignty, Individual Rights, Democracy, Freedom of Speech, our nation’s Health and much more.

We will be standing a candidate in Auckland Central to challenge the incumbent, Chloe Swarbrick, whose Green Party policies are directly opposite to what we believe the majority of Kiwis want at this time. We also plan to stand candidates in other electorates.

This election could be the last one that we ever have, if things continue on as they are. New Zealand (and other countries) could become impossible places to live freely, as this decade has been pronounced to bring the fastest rate of restrictive digital and physical change ever, if unchallenged.

There is a strong desire to resurrect and maintain traditional Kiwi values that represent our nation as a people. Our candidates stand for those values and freedoms and will oppose the imposition by government of policies on the general public without due consultation. We have had many examples recently of what happens when this kind of dictatorial power is allowed to take hold.

In order to represent the people as a registered NZ political party, we need 500 members. This is your opportunity to participate, and we invite you to become a member for a nominal $1.00 by filling out the membership application form that you can download from our website at Anyone can belong to more than one political party and you don’t have to live in Auckland to be a Rock The Vote NZ member.

We need your help - to spread the word about Rock the Vote NZ to those like-minded souls who would like to join our growing family of members, to help with funding, and generally get involved. If you have never been a part of a political movement before, this could be the time that changes your life in more ways than one! If we don’t want to live under tribalism or collectivism and lose our democracy, then we need a large part of New Zealand to wake up to what is going on and get involved at the grass roots level.

Rock the Vote NZ will be host to regular events in coming weeks. On Saturday 15th April we hosted Trevor Loudon - author, film maker and public speaker - who made a tremendous impression on his audience of over 140 people, speaking about foreign influence in New Zealand politics. You can watch his talk on our Rock The Vote NZ Rumble channel at

We are bringing together a line-up of further interesting speakers for regular events in future. Check out or our Facebook page for event notices and updates

You can subscribe to our newsletter at or by sending an email with “Subscribe” in the subject line to

We gratefully accept donations of any amount, which will help us with the many expenses involved with setting up and establishing our political party so we can be a true voice for the people of New Zealand. Our bank account details are: ASB 12-3034-0714670-00 (please use payment reference “Donation” or “Koha”)

BE A ROCKER! Join Rock The Vote NZ and help us in our task of “EMPOWERING PEOPLE and SAVING OUR COUNTRY"

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