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Saturday 15 June at 2pm  (new date)

"What's Going On with our Kids and Teens?"

St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street, Ponsonby

Rock The Vote NZ are pleased to host Penny Marie from Let Kids Be Kids and Karen Hall from Parents Against Gender Education to talk about "What's Going On with our Kids and Teens?"

Parents, grandparents, school and community leaders - you're invited

Do you have concerns about...
- Your child's well-being?
- Behaviour changes?
- Phone/device overuse?
- Sexuality & relationship education at school?
- School policies?
- Something else?

Gain insights into why some NZ kids and families are in distress, and discuss solutions.

Let Kids Be Kids is an evolving New Zealand-wide grassroots network of people who ask questions, conduct research, focus on solutions, and support one another.

Our families, children and youth are facing a myriad of tough situations at present, and rather than putting our heads in the sand or looking the other way… it’s time to build our courage, speak from our hearts, and find some answers to our burning questions.

Penny Marie of Let Kids Be Kids is an independent reporter, researcher, speaker, coach and a presenter on AMOA (A Matter of Authenticity). She will be joined by Karen Hall who will speak about the work of Parents Against Gender Education, a group of concerned parents, grandparents, relatives and caregivers who are fighting back against the sexualisation and gender indoctrination that is being forced into our children's education across the whole curriculum.

Sensitive content covered - not suitable for children to attend.

Doors open 1.30pm - presentation starts at 2pm
$10 entry (please bring cash)

Check out Penny Marie's recent interview with Rodney Hide on Reality Check Radio:

** Note: the guest speakers at this event are not affiliated with and their participation is not an indication that they endorse or represent Rock The Vote NZ ** 


MOVIE NIGHT: "Climate The Movie: The Cold Truth" by Martin Durkin
Thursday 13 June 6.30 to 9pm

Tiny Theatre at Garnet Station, 85 Garnet Road, Westmere


Rock The Vote NZ present our very first Movie Night! "Climate The Movie" presents a different perspective on the climate change debate supported by the scientists who signed the Clinton World Climate Declaration. This group of researchers seeks to present an alternative narrative in the face of the dominant discourse.


The film illustrates how corrupt some aspects of science have become; just looking at and relaying what the data shows results in censorship and marginalisation. Just a day after it was released in March 2024, the movie was shadow-banned by YouTube, making it difficult to do a Google search for it.


In a way, this proves some of the points made in the second half of the film; that information on climate change is censored and highly-controlled, even if it is true and undisputed.


Science, especially the government funding of science, has not reached a state of competence and stability, responding only to the intellectual needs of inquiry or the practical needs of society. It is, as Covid showed so well, a fallible enterprise, subject to the same pressures of groupthink, fashion, incentive and ambition as any other human enterprise.


Martin Durkin’s film brings this out well in his consideration of science’s response to climate change. Science is self-correcting given long enough, but not on climate-forecast timescales, even those timescales that unequivocally show that climate models don’t represent the real world. Future historians and sociologists of science may not look at this episode in the development of science kindly.


As "Climate The Movie" shows, there are more climate scientists around today than ever, and more money for them, and no room for any eggs other than those in the basket of consensus.


Join us to view the movie with like-minded people, and stay on for a discussion afterwards about it!


Only $5 entry - please support Garnet Station and arrive earlier to buy food and drinks from the cafe before we start.

Sunday 26 May at 1pm (New Time)

Nathan Seiuli from the Free Speech Union on "Protecting Free Speech in New Zealand"

Ponsonby Community Centre, 20 Ponsonby Terrace, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011

Door charge $10


Limited seating - please let us know if you are attending so we can reserve you a spot! Email

















Rock The Vote NZ are pleased to present Nathan Seiuli from the Free Speech Union (FSU), who will speak about what FSU is, what they do, what free speech is, the proposed Hate Speech Laws, what constitutes "hate speech", and why FSU see free speech as the foundation of a thriving society.

The Free Speech Union's goal is to defend and promote the free exchange of information and to educate people of the importance of free speech in New Zealand.

The FSU says "a new form of censorship has emerged which has confounded the traditional division between the public and private spheres. There is a reccurring pattern to this censorship. It begins with a post online, often on social media but not always. This post is then taken to the employer of the person who posted it, and is used as the basis of a claim that the person responsible for the post should lose their job, usually under spurious "health and safety" grounds. These claims are often made by anonymous individuals or groups. They amplify the media surrounding the complaint, to put pressure on the employer to fire the offender.

"People have lost jobs, friends, careers and livelihoods because their publicly-expressed thoughts or opinions were used against them in this manner. Having a supportive community and access to reliable, impartial advice can make a life-changing difference for people who find themselves ostracised and potentially out of work because of nothing more than an expression of their democratic rights to speak freely.

"In order to stand up to this pernicious but non-state censorship, the Free Speech Union incorporated as a registered trade union in 2021. The Union is empowered to provide its members with advocacy support if they become a target for non-government censorship, along with producing media, campaigning against bad laws, and hosting events."

** Note: the guest speakers at these events are not affiliated with Rock The Vote NZ and their participation is not an indication that they endorse or represent Rock The Vote NZ **


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